"Casunziei Ampezzani"

“Casiunziei” are pockets of dough from Cortina filled with red beets and poppy seeds.
Ingredients for 6 people:
400 g flour
2 eggs
A cup of milk

400 g red beets
1 large potato
120 g ricotta-spread (smoked if possible)
20 g butter
1 egg
50 g bread crumbs

200 g butter
2-3 table spoons of poppy seeds
Grated carnia cheese

Cook the red beets and the potatoes until they are soft. Mash the potatoes. Fry the red beets in a pan with butter and mash them as well. Add ricotta, egg and bread crumbs and stir until a smooth texture is reached. Cool the filling for several hours in the refrigerator.
Mix flour, egg, milk and a pinch of salt and roll out the dough until it is thin. Cut out round 4-5 cm large circles and place a teaspoon of the filling in the center. Fold the dough so as to form a pocket around the filling and crimp the edges closed with your fingers. Submerge the casiunziei in boiling salt water until they are done and then serve on a plate with poppy seed, carnia cheese and brown butter – and bring back Cortina on your table!

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